When I met Vivien Nicole in 2011, she was a fresh graduate who was dreaming about her Prince Charming while wondering what she’ll do with her life. At that moment, her eyes were fixed on passing the Occupational Therapy exam in the U.S. and then work there and earn her moolah.


She had a ten-year plan already, Vivien Nicole even knew what bags and shoes to buy when she starts working in the U.S. and that dreamed got more real because she passed the exams and work agencies came knocking on her door.


As we got closer and closer, I realized that working in the U.S. was not really her dream. The real her wanted to take up Theater Arts in Ateneo but chose to take up Occupational Therapy in UST instead.


She was a talented therapist and she excelled easily but I saw in her eyes that she was still looking for something.


After 4 years of figuring out what she wanted to do, I saw her take a big risk last 2015 by starting her very own business. She started a bag business with a friend, and named it “Madolin Bags” after her beloved grandmother.


Some people learn business in school for 4 years, she did self-study in 4 months. I’m really grateful because God sent the best business mentors to her and in the first month of the business, they were already sold out.

I’m so happy to see her grow in what she loves doing.


Are you thinking of dating an entrepreneur? Or are you already dating one?


Sharing to you the 6 perks of dating an entrepreneur:


  1. You can date entrepreneurs while everyone is busy in the office


Vivien Nicole and I have a cemented date schedule with each other, it’s every Monday afternoon to early evening. We go out on Mondays and at that time because the malls and other date places usually don’t have people in it.


During our date, the conversations are intimate because the restaurants don’t have a lot of dining customers. Movie houses don’t have a lot of people watching as well.


Our Monday date day is sacred to both of us, and additional days to go out are just bonuses that we enjoy.


  1. Entrepreneurs know how to manage money


Entrepreneurs value all the money that come in, they don’t live like one-day millionaires because they know all the money that comes in for business have a lot of places to go to.


Vivien Nicole as an entrepreneur knows how to prioritize our spending, so when there are seasons that we have spent a lot already, she automatically knows that we should cut our expenses. For example, instead of eating in an expensive buffet restaurant, she tells me that we should just share a meal from a simple restaurant because we are spending too much already.



  1. Entrepreneurs are responsible


If entrepreneurs don’t work, their suppliers will lose money, they’ll lose money, and their staff won’t earn anything.


They bring this sense of responsibility to the relationships, they family and everything that matters to them.


  1. Entrepreneurs keep on learning


One day, I noticed that Vivien Nicole wakes up early to check out different fashion trends and then when we’re in the mall we check out all the shops except video game and sports shops!


I thought she was just being materialistic but then I realized that she’s so hungry to learn new things and check out new styles and learn how specific brands do their business.


Entrepreneurs need to add value in themselves so they can add value to their business. This means, if you are dating an entrepreneur this person will keep on evolving making him/her always interesting.



  1. Entrepreneurs are secure and confident


When Vivien Nicole started her business, I saw her come out of her shell and this made her more confident and secure, If she’s not like that, their customers won’t believe in the product that she’s selling.

This security in herself made her trust me more and she understood more clearly why I need to deal with different kinds of people everyday.



  1. Entrepreneurs are pleasant to the eyes


Entrepreneurs have to look presentable and pleasing because they need to exude a certain vibe to customers and suppliers.


That’s why they always do their best to look their best!


Wouldn’t you want to be with someone who stands out from the crowd? I know I do!



Should You Date One?


Of course, in every person that you are with, there will always be good and bad things about them.


Vivien Nicole has her own negative things but I choose to look at the good things about her and her chosen career.


If you are thinking about dating an entrepreneur, here are some of the perks that you can enjoy if you date one.


If you are already dating one, appreciate them because they are wonderful gifts to the world.


The Best Is Yet To Come,


JPaul Hernandez

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