In my free e-book, “Start Your Success Story: Choose the Career You Love,” I talk about the idea that your success story is a wonderful journey that you should enjoy. It may be long but what matters is what you make of the journey.


A few weeks ago, I tried cliff diving for the first time in Boracay.


When I got there, I immediately tried to jump from the highest point. As I was inching towards the edge of the cliff, my knees started trembling and I was so nervous as I turned on the GoPro. I gathered all my courage and just jumped from the cliff. I jumped so high that, while in the middle of the drop, I was able to ask myself, “why am I not hitting the water yet?” and then after what felt like two more seconds of falling, I touched the surface of the water and I was like a torpedo who was speedily dropping. I immediately swam up and it took me about five full strokes to swim back to the safety line.


As I checked the video of my drop, I realized that, because of my fear, I wasn’t able to record the cliff jump!


Yes, I turned the GoPro on, but it slipped my mind to press record before the jump. So, all I got was a focused recording of my jiggly love handles and struggle to use the safety line back to shore. ARGH!


I decided to jump again! This time, I remembered to press record.


On the second jump, I dropped even faster which made me lose grip on the GoPro then lead to me losing it in the water.


I was near the bottom of the Ocean and I was panicking if I should swim up and save myself or try to look for the GoPro.


I decided to swim back to safety and I told my brother that I lost his GoPro. OOPS!


The caretakers voluntarily got his flippers and goggles and immediately jumped into the water. In no time, he swam back to us with the GoPro in hand. Everybody rejoiced, even the people we don’t know, because something that was lost, got found!


After that, we had even more fun! We did more jumps and just had a great time.


Here’s my message: when you are in a journey, the risk of something bad happening is big and most of the time nothing goes as planned. But if you don’t give up, you can overcome these problems and the results can be even better than what you initially planned.


If you are worried that you’ll end up failing at your goals, let me stop you right now.


Let’s start strengthening your life goals. I know you’ll eventually reach them.
Let’s start by doing a big reset:


Step 1: Assess


The problem why some people don’t get to where they want to go and end frustrated is because they don’t really know where they are in their journey. Some people just keep moving although not know that they are already lost and just can’t admit it to themselves.


You have to start assessing yourself and where you are in your journey. In order to do a course correction, you need to understand where you are in the map.


Assess if you are in the right track, or if you made wrong decisions. You need to figure out how off-course you really are.


Step 2: Accept


The birthplace of creativity and innovation is vulnerability. You have to be vulnerable enough to admit to yourself and to the world that you made some mistakes and you’ll be responsible for your actions.


Some people on the other hand succeed without knowing how they succeeded. You might think that’s cool but it’s not. That’s very risky because if you don’t know your success formula, you won’t be able to duplicate and repeat this success again.


Accept all the good and bad things that are happening in your life because all of these are just fruits of your decisions.


Step 3: Ask


Ask yourself if this is what you really want.


Reaching your dreams is basically a trial and error thing, and most people realize that in the middle of their journey that their dreams are not really “their dreams.” Some are cool and fun, but it’s not truly what that person wants.


If you ask yourself and find out that these are truly the goals that you want for your life, you have to remind yourself constantly why you want these goals to happen. Find an emotional motivator that will fuel you to become an unstoppable tank that will do anything to reach his goals.


If you ask yourself and find out that these goals are not truly what you want in your life, you should step back, take a pause, and lovingly draft new goals and start pursuing them as soon as possible.


Step 4: Arrange


Arrange the next steps you need to take.


Success should not happen as a mistake but instead it should intentionally be achieved. This means, you can’t just go to the warzone with guns blazing, you need to go and strategize first.


Start by deciding to focus on things that you really need to prioritize. In my case, I had to decide that I won’t accept more than three meetings a day or else I won’t be able to accomplish anything. Attending a gazillion meetings a day will take me off track from my goals.


Be firm with your decisions.


Step 5: Attack!


Just go for it! The person who knows your goals and strengths the most is you! God has given you the power to make these goals a reality.


A friend told me that he’s been frustrated about his dreams for five years already; nothing has happened. I asked him what have you done that’s related to your dreams. He said that he analyzed and analyzed and analyzed which made him paralyzed.


Friends, too much analysis can cause paralysis.


As soon as you have a sound strategy in achieving your life goals, you just have to step out of your comfort zone and go for it!


Go For The Gold


When God created you, he didn’t create you to win bronze or silver. He made you to win the GOLD in whatever life path you take. He wants you to be the best father, mother, uncle, priest, engineer, accountant, entrepreneur, doctor, mutant, werewolf, targaryen you can be!


Believe that you have a great journey ahead and you’ll surely enjoy it!


That is why I know that God didn’t create me to work in an office cubicle for 40 years. I’m called to touch the lives of people through speaking, writing, and listening! The journey is not perfect but every moment is beautifully priceless!


Go and enjoy your own journey!


The Best Is Yet To Come,


JPaul Hernandez


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