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According to some studies by health experts, the right way of breathing can help give you the perfect six-pack abs! It’s when you inhale oxygen and then fill your stomach, control the air inside, and slowly breathe out. Your abdominal muscles are engaged and this can greatly stimulate your muscles to help you transform your flabs into abs! I […]


Are You Destroying Your Own Dreams?

Patricia is a beautiful girl and a friend of mine for more than 15 years already. When I went over to her, recently, to invite her to my wedding, I told her, “Hey, we’ll have a small wedding; I won’t be able to invite Chikito, your boyfriend.” She slapped me and said, “Ano ka ba, matagal na kami […]


God Truly Blesses Those Who Are Generous

There is a couple that’s close to my heart. They have always been generous in giving to God, and in return, blessings have come pouring in from left and right. But you know what? Their biggest blessing was to have a friend as handsome as me! He he he!   Last year, their business encountered […]